Frederic Pohl(1919 ~ )

프레데릭 폴

작가 소개

미국 작가. 10대 시절부터 SF 분야에서 편집자, agent, 작가로 활동. Futurians 회원. 결혼 5번.
필명: Paul Flehr, Warren Howard, S.D. Gottesman, Edson McCann, James MacCreigh, Scott Mariner, Ernst Mason, Charles Satterfield, Dirk Wylie
* Futurians(1938-45의 New York의 SF 그룹 활동. 이름은 영국의 팬잡지인 The Futurian에서 따옴. 주로 팬잡지 편집이나 팬 활동에 치중하긴 했지만 여기를 통해 팬에서 작가로 자라난 사람들이 많음. 회원에는 Isaac Asimov, James Blish, C.M. Kornbluth, David Kyle, Robert A.W. Lowndes, Frederik Pohl, Richard Wilson, Donald A. Wollheim 등이...)

작품 리스트

[Novels and Novellas]
1953 The Space Merchants, with C.M. Kombluth
1954 Search the Sky, with C.M. Kombluth
Undersea Quest, with Jack Williamson
1955 Preferred Risk, with Lester Del Rey
Gladiator-at-Law, with C.M. Kombluth
1956 Undersea Fleet, with Jack Williamson
1957 Slave Ship
1958 Undersea City, with Jack Williamson
1959 Wolfbane, with C.M. Kombluth
1960 Drunkard's Walk
1964 The Reefs of Space, with Jack Williamson
1965 Starchild, with Jack Williamson
A Plague of Pythons (revised Demon in the Skull)
1969 The Age of the Pussyfoot
1975 Farthest Star, with Jack Williamson
1976 Man Plus
1977 Gateway
1979 JEM: The Making of a Utopia
1980 Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
1981 The Cool War
1982 Starburst
1983 Wall Around a Star, with Jack Williamson
Midas World
1984 Heechee Rendezvous
The Years of the City
The Merchants' War
1985 Black Star Rising
1986 Terror
The Coming of the Quantum Cats
1987 The Annals of the Heechee
Narabedla Ltd
1988 The Day the Martians Came
Land's End, with Jack Williamson
1989 Homegoing
1990 The World at the End of Time
Outnumbering the Dead
1991 The Singers of Time, with Jack Williamson
Stopping at Slowyear
1992 Mining the Oort
1994 The Voices of Heaven
[Short Story Collections]
1956 Alternating Current
1957 The Case Against Tomorrow
1959 Tomorrow Times Seven
1960 The Man Who Ate the World
1961 Turn Left at Thursday
1962 The Wonder Effect, with C.M. Kornbluth
1963 The Abominable Earthman
1966 The Frederik Pohl Omnibus
Digits and Dastards
1970 Day Million
1972 The Gold at Starbow's End
1975 The Best of Frederik Pohl
1976 In the Problem Pit
The Early Pohl
1980 Before the Universe, with C.M. Kornbluth
1982 Planets Three
1984 Pohlstars
1987 Our Best: The Best of Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth
1990 The Gateway Trip: Tales and Vignettes of the Heechee
[Selected Nonfiction]
1978 The Way the Future Was: A Memoir
1991 Our Angry Earth